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Produkte von Farnese Vini s.r.l.

Farnese Vini s.r.l.

Our fruits grow
Fantini by Farnese wines are a reflection of the colours of Abruzzo, painting wonderful landscapes of taste and living for the love of the endless vineyards protected by Mount Majella’s motherly roundness. You can see them sliding down from the hills to the sea, seeking an optimum exposure and enjoying an excellent microclimate that the whole of Europe envies us. This is the reason why the fruits of this land grow so well and age even better.

Our history grows
The wines from Abruzzo became famous world wide in the XVI century, thanks to Princess Margaret of Austria and Farnese has made sure it has kept its high reputation throughout the years. Margaret of Austria and her husband Prince Farnese began producing wines of very high quality that were drunk at feasts all over Europe. Our Company has carried on this tradition with a highly advanced, complete and flawless programme of production and marketing.

Our wines age
The prestigious Fantini by Farnese wines, made from the best grapes of the Farneto Valley estate and other prestigious vineyards from Abruzzo, at their final stage of growth may also reach the splendid cellars of Caldora Castle, a structure that we cared to restore and restructure in order to carry on the wine and history tradition that is vital for Ortona and to make sure the wines are aged in a way that is suitable to the prestige that makes them leaders on the international markets.

We overrule compromises.
The most advanced technology is absolutely necessary to enable the features of our grapes to be transferred intact to the bottle. Maniacal attitudes while working in the vineyards are pointless if we are unable to maintain certain standards when bottling. At Farnese we believe we cannot produce a great wine without constant supervision on behalf of expert winemakers which is the reason why in each vintage 6 successful winemakers live in perfect harmony with the grapes that arrive at the winery and are turned into great wines.

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