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The Islander

Kangaroo Island is heavily influenced by the Southern Ocean’s breezes which play an important role in the ripening process. Although there is lots of sunshine on the island, crucial in ripening the grapes, the cooling sea breezes help protect the grapes from over-ripening on the vine. Even during periods of extreme heat Kangaroo Island’s vines are better protected than most mainland vineyards thanks to these maritime breezes which also lead to much cooler night-time temperatures, giving the vines a much-needed break from the heat in the warmer months.

With Jacques’ Bordeaux upbringing it is perhaps unsurprising he considers blending of varieties to be a crucial element in creating great wine. In the same way a great chef uses a range of ingredients to make a complex dish, blending provides a winemaker with the opportunity to pick the best bits from different grape varieties to create a more complete and complex final wine.

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