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Produkte von Vigneti del Salento

Vigneti del Salento
“Light” and “Stone” : that’s where it all begins in the land of Salento.
The “light” penetrates in the secret clefts of the ground with its Mediterranean character, it warms the red color of the soil, draws the scents  from the sea and makes the sparse bunches of grapes turn red.
The solid, indestructible “stone”, soft and malleable, emerges from the subsoil, gasping for air; it draws the boundary lines on the dry stone and secretly tangles with the Trulli (typical cylinder shaped houses with a conical roof) across the meadows where the trees are hundreds of years old.
In this special atmosphere the old grapevines lay still and silent, in the same place for almost a century. They struggle with the passing of time, drawing heat  from the “light” and refreshment from the “stone”. We wonder if  it’s a miracle, or a principle of nature, but these old grapevines still offer their precious fruits, despite their struggles.
We would like to tell the story of the authenticity and the magic of this “land of light and stone” in every single drop of wine.
To do so we chose the expert winemaker Filippo Baccalaro. After years of research, he managed to find the best and oldest vineyards in the Manduria and Sava area which, thanks to their specific soil and climate conditions, are considered the most suitable areas for the main grape variety: the Primitivo. The soil is a bright brick red, it is rich in iron, well-draining and originates from the underlying crumbling limestone; the temperature range between night and day and the sea breezes facilitate the development of aromas in the grapes; the heat of the sunlight dries out the grapes and in this way increases the content of sugar.
We take care of every single detail to make the difference, we carefully follow every stage of the harvest: the grapes are manually harvested early in the morning, before dawn, to guarantee the best aromatic complexity; the intact grapes are then taken to the cellar where they continue and finish their process under the supervision of the expert winemakers.
Among our indigenous red grape varieties there are the Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera; the Verdeca for the white grape varieties.
The future projects of the company partners include the wish to give notoriety to the uknown vine varieties of Salento, in order to promote the Puglia region all over the world.




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Vigneti del Salento "Leggenda Vigne Vecchie" Primitivo di Manduria DOP 2019
Vigneti del Salento "Leggenda Vigne Vecchie"...
Vigneti del Salento "Leggenda Vigne Vecchie" Primitivo di Manduria DOP
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Vigneti del Salento "Zolla" Salice Salentino DOP 2020
Vigneti del Salento "Zolla" Salice Salentino...
Geruch: In der Nase haben wir sehr typische Aromen für die verwendeten Rebsorten. Neben intensiven fruchtigen Noten nach reifen Pflaume und Kirschen sind auch würzige Anklänge an mediterrane Kräuter wahrzunehmen. Geschmack: Im Mund ist...
Inhalt 0.75 Liter (11,87 € * / 1 Liter)
8,90 € *
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